INFINITY Restaurant & Music Bar

INFINITY Restaurant & Music Bar

Chrudimská 2a, Praha 3 - Vinohrady

+420 731 109 639

Restaurant lunch menu

Our lunch menu is availible for you on workdays from 11AM till 3PM.

Recommended Beverages

0,2l Homemade lemonade 29,-
0,3/05 Krušovice Lager 23,-
0,2l Raspberry lemonade 29,-
0,2l Homemade ice tea 29,-

Soups for this week

Potato soup with mushrooms [1,3,9] 35,-
Beef broth with vegetable and noodles [1,3,9] 29,-

Lunch menu for this week

Minced meat with mashed potato and pickled [1,3,7] 109,-
Beef chunks with pickled sauce, jasmine rice [1] 119,-
CAESAR salad with chicken meat [1,3,4,7] 119,-


Roastbeef, boiled potato, tartar sauce [7.1] 119,-
Spaghetti with salmon, young onion, creamy sauce and parmasan [1,3,4,7] 119,-


Grilled pork chop with onion sauce and baked potato [7] 109,-
Potato gnocchi with chicken, dried tomato, olives and rucola [1.3] 119,-


French potatoes with pickled [1.7] 99,-
Beef balls with tomato sauce, jasmine rice [1.3] 99,-


Baked pork, potato dumplings and spinach [1.3] 109,-
Kidneys in creamy sauce, jasmine rice [1.7] 99,-


Pease pudding with grilled sausage, fried onion and pickled 109,-
Yeast fruity dumplings with Cottage cheese and butter [1,3,7] 99,-

Weekly special

Fajitas with chicken breast 149,-
COLESLAW salad 69,-
Corny chilli soup with prawns 49,-

If you didn't find what you were looking for here, don't forget to see the wide offer of our full menu!

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