INFINITY Restaurant & Music Bar

INFINITY Restaurant & Music Bar

Chrudimská 2a, Praha 3 - Vinohrady

+420 731 109 639

Restaurant lunch menu

Our lunch menu is availible for you on workdays from 11AM till 3PM.

Recommended Beverages

0,2l Homemade lemonade 29,-
0,3/05 Krušovice Lager 23,-
0,2l Raspberry lemonade 29,-
0,2l Homemade ice tea 29,-

Soups for this week

Beans soup with sausage 35,-
Mexican bean 29,-

Lunch menu for this week

Roasted pork roast with red cabbage and bread dumplings 119,-
Chicken steak with ham and cheese with fries 109,-
Big vegetable salad with pieces of fried blue cheese and nuts 99,-


Dill sauce with boiled potatoes and egg covered 99,-
Pork "Scalopina" with jasmine rice 119,-


Fried fish fillets with potato purée 109,-
Beef cubes on bacon, jasmine rice 119,-


Roasted Chinese noodles with chicken and vegetables 109,-
Venison ragout, potato pancakes 119,-


Chicken "Jassa" with jasmine rice 109,-
Bavarian muffins with whipped cream and whipped cream 99,-


Moldavian steak with potato purée 109,-
Penne amatriciana sprinkled with parmesan 99,-

Weekly special

Flank steak (180g ,, Carne asada "with French fries

If you didn't find what you were looking for here, don't forget to see the wide offer of our full menu!

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