INFINITY Restaurant & Music Bar

INFINITY Restaurant & Music Bar

Chrudimská 2a, Praha 3 - Vinohrady

+420 731 109 639

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Our DJs

Let us introduce our DJs, who play at ours most.

DJ Sasha Vee

DJ & producent SASHA VEE performs regularly in exclusive clubs in Czech Republic and Slovakia. He's currently mostly occupied making his own singles aligned with Czech interprets. You may see him in Music Bar INFINITY mostly at his regular weekend performances. See more at

DJ Robin

DJ Robin, proper name Robin Špaček, comes from Kolín, smaller city near Prague, where he's played since 1995.
He's been living in Prague since 2002, where he\‚s played in lots of clubs. Nowadays, he‘s most offten to be seen in Music Bar INFINITY, mostly playing Happy House, Latino House & Progressive House.

DJ Thomas Vee

Thomas Vee, proper name Tomáš Vach, has been playing since 2010. He's been an complex and professional DJ ever since his Art School gratuation with, contrary to his age, plenty of experience all over the Republic.
You can visit him in Music Bar INFINITY mostly on the regular theme parties. He plays mostly House & Progressive House.

DJ Terran

DJ Terran plays for you: Electro, Deep House & Funky House

Do you play? Would you like to become one of our DJs? Tell as about you via!